About Us

Jon Leafstedt & Oliver Clode

JOOLcity was founded with the creative aspiration to capture the essence of remarkable cities around the globe as art through the beauty of simple geometry. Unique, modern and super graphic, you discover the name of each city in combination with the iconic landmarks that define the landscape of every world metropolis. JOOLcity has launched with active apparel where simple silhouettes are embellished with bold graphics to create the perfect union of art + fit + community. Every city has its own unique legacy and DNA. JOOLcity captures the sophistication and humor for both “city-proud” locals and tourists loving their holiday.

The name JOOL was the brainchild of Oliver, who branded his partnership to Jon with the combo of the first two initials of their names.. JO + OL. Jon later added “city” when he conceived of a line of sophisticated city graphics that could be printed on any number of product categories for cool towns around the world.

Both Jon & Oliver, along with a Co-Founder, Carol, grew up in Retail & Wholesale for great brands like Pepsi, Bloomingdales, Esprit, NIKE and Williams-Sonoma. With pride and enthusiasm, they bring you JOOLcity.